Survey of Climate Artists

As part of the The Intersection of Biology, Art and Technology, a course at Olin College, we've made a survey of notable artists whose practice incorporates or is centered on climate art. The majority of the pieces of this survey are from the 21st century, lending a sense of urgency to the tone of the works referenced. Far from exhaustive, but varied in scope, this survey celebrates how artists are responding to today's climate crisis.

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SOS (Save Our Seeds) - 2020 - Erica Daborn - link

Erica Daborn

The Ninth Wave - 2014 - Cai Guo-Qiang - link

Cai Guo-Qiang

It Starts With Me - 2019 - Chantal Bilodeau - link

Chantal Bilodeau

Numinous Lethologica - 2015 - Jave Yoshimoto - link

Jave Yoshimoto

Chasing Coral - 2017 - Jeff Orlowski - link

Jeff Orlowski

pack - 2019 - Dawn Stetzel - link

Dawn Stetzel

Vanishing - 2019 - Joel Sartore - link

Joel Sartore

Ignorance - 2021 - weather station - link

The Weather Station

Made by Annie Tor and Dieter Brehm